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Prawn Roast – 50th Recipe

Most of my weekends involve experimenting with non-vegetarian food. Prawns are something I have never tasted almost my entire childhood. I don't know whether it was the appearance or smell that refrained me from trying. However, i started to like them when i accidentally had a bite about a year ago. Prawns are low in… Continue reading Prawn Roast – 50th Recipe

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Karuvepilai Kozhi kari|Curry Leaves Chicken Curry

I made this absolutely mouth watering south indian style chicken curry about a week ago. Chicken is cooked in rich flavours of freshly ground indian spices and curry leaves. Karuvepilai aka kadhi patta in hindi and curry leaves in english is powerpacked with numerous health benefits apart from adding flavour to your food. It is… Continue reading Karuvepilai Kozhi kari|Curry Leaves Chicken Curry

Non-veg curries/Gravys · Non-Vegetarian Recipes

Goan Green Chicken Curry

I love experimenting with food and exploring cuisines across the globe. So far,I have tried cuisines of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Punjab. Today, I decided to visit west and explore the cuisine of India's ultimate party destination! Does the word PARTY ring a bell? Yes, you are right, its GOA!, the city of beautiful beaches… Continue reading Goan Green Chicken Curry

Non-veg starters/snacks · Non-Vegetarian Recipes

Chicken Pakoda/Pakora from left over chicken

Pakoda or pakora is a popular snack item in India. It involves frying batter coated vegetables in oil. The batter is primarily made from chickpea/besan flour. There are several varities of pakoda like onion, cauliflower , spinach etc. It is also a popular street food in Chennai. You can see hot pakodas being made right… Continue reading Chicken Pakoda/Pakora from left over chicken

Non-veg starters/snacks · Non-Vegetarian Recipes

Savory Egg Toast/Masala Egg Toast

Bread Toast is one of the simplest breakfast/snack item that can made in minutes. The first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to bread with eggs is bread omelette.Bread omelette is a very simple dish which as the name implies involves cooking bread along with the omlette. Bread omelette is a very… Continue reading Savory Egg Toast/Masala Egg Toast

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Hariyali Chicken Gravy

Easy to make Hariyali/Green Chicken Gravy Happy Sunday people! Sundays call for non-veg and chicken being the only meat i eat, i decided to make a simple chicken gravy.So far i have tried chettinad chicken gravy and pepper chicken gravy. Recently, while changing channels in TV i happened to come across green chicken gravy in… Continue reading Hariyali Chicken Gravy

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Chicken Briyani for Beginners

Easy to make chicken briyani for beginners     Who doesn't love Briyani? Be it mutton, chicken, fish or even veg, briyani has an unique ability to satisfy one's taste buds almost instantly. Like any other dish it has so many variations and can be prepared in N number of ways. You have ambur, chettinad… Continue reading Chicken Briyani for Beginners