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Instant Doodh(Milk) Peda

Instant doodh peda? Yes, you read that right. Doodh peda as the name implies is made from milk. Traditionally, it is made from evaporated/reduced milk. It involves stirring the milk on low flame for a long time until it thickens. The process sure is tedious and time-consuming. So, here I propose a cheat/short cut of… Continue reading Instant Doodh(Milk) Peda

Desserts & Sweets

Pineapple Kesari | Pineapple Sooji Sheera

When it comes to Indian desserts, kesari/sooji ka halwa is one of the yummiest and easiest to make.It is basically a pudding like dessert made from sooji/cream of wheat.I have tried normal kesari several times. Pineapple kesari is something I have been wanting to try for quite a long time. It is often served in… Continue reading Pineapple Kesari | Pineapple Sooji Sheera

Desserts & Sweets · Gokulashtami

Aval Payasam/ Flattened Rice Kheer

Celebrate Guru purnima with this yummy yet easy to make Aval paysam Guru Purnima is generally celebrated on the full moon day (purnima) in the month of July-August. This year Guru Purnima falls on July 19th i.e today. Guru Purnima is a festival celebrated by the Hindus, Jains and Buddhists and is primarily dedicated to… Continue reading Aval Payasam/ Flattened Rice Kheer

Desserts & Sweets

Moong Dal/Paasi Paruppu(tamil) Halwa

Moong Dal Halwa Moong Dal (Split green gram) is easier to cook and has less carb content compared to other dals. Though it lacks the fiber content of whole green moong, its a good source of protein for vegetarians. Moong Dal halwa is a traditional pudding like dessert from Rajasthan. Its generally prepared during winter… Continue reading Moong Dal/Paasi Paruppu(tamil) Halwa