Janmashtami/Krishna Jayanthi special

A very happy krishna jayanthi/gokulashtami/janmashtami to one and all☺☺ Krishna jayanthi is the celebration of birth of hindu deity Lord Krishna.Every year we celebrate krishna janyanthi in a very simple way by offering lord Krishna’s favourites. We usually prepare something with aval(flattened rice/poha), which is lord Krishna’s most favourite next to butter. We buy seedais from shop. Making seedais require a lot of patience and practice and sure is a herculean task. I’m hoping to learn it soon.

This year I made the following

  • Aval payasam(Poha kheer)
  • Kandarappam (A South Indian deep-fried sweet dish made from rice and jaggery)
  • Milagu(pepper) Thattai( A South Indian deep-fried snack made using rice flour)

I have already written a recipe for aval payasam(using jaggery). Recipes of kandarappam, a chettinad delicacy and milagu thattai(pepper thattai) will be updated soon.



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