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Vegetable Momos

Vegetable Momos step by step recipe

Momos are nothing but steamed dumplings stuffed with vegetable/spiced meat filling. Since the last few years Momos have become a popular street food across india. You can find a momo stall/kiosk in every nook and corner of Chennai city. I was of the opinion that momos originated from china until I googled.

A little about the history of Momos (Source: Google)

Momo traces its roots to Tibet and spread to other neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bhutan. In Tibet, momo is considered an unofficial national dish. Momo is similar to what the chinese call baozi and jaioz. Both are dumplings with stuffed vegetables/meat. Now momos have widely spread across the world to countries like USA , UK etc. There are two types of momo,steamed and fried. Traditionally, momos are served with a dipping sauce, generally made with chillies and garlic.

Steamed Vegetable Momos with chilli garlic sauce

The recipe I’m sharing here is steamed momos. The recipe is adapted from veg recipes of india. I made chilli garlic sauce as an accompaniment, the recipe of which will be shared shortly. Making momos require time and patience. It’s quite difficult to get the shape right at your very first attempt. Luckily, i was able to pleat it decent enough :D.

Have you guys tried making momos using whole wheat? If so, let me know in comments. I would love to hear your experiences.
Dish: Vegetable Momos
Type: Starter
Source: Vegrecipesofindia
Time: 1 hr 30 minutes




Required Ingredients:

For the stuffing:

  • Carrots-2
  • Onions-2
  • Cabbage-1/2 cup
  • Capsicum-1 finely chopped
  • Garlic cloves-3
  • Ginger -1 tsp
  • Chilli sauce
  • Pepper

For the dough:

  • All purpose flour/Maida-1 cup
  • Salt-As required
  • Oil
  • Water-As required


Outer Layer/covering:

Sieve all-purpose flour/maida and add salt, oil, water (add in parts) and knead into a smooth dough.



Cover it with a kitchen towel and set aside for 30-40 minutes.

The Stuffing:

Heat oil in a kadai/wok, add chopped garlic and ginger and saute.

Once the raw smell goes off, add onions and saute until they become translucent

Now, add capsicum, carrots and cabbage and stir fry for about 8-10 minutes on medium flame.


Add chilli sauce, salt, pepper and saute.

Continue to stir fry the vegetables until cooked.



Make small balls out of the dough. Roll it using a rolling pin.

Make sure the centre is thick enough and the edges are thin.Apply water on the edges using hand or a pastry brush

Place 1 to 2 tsp of vegetable stuffing in the centre and carefully pleat it (like pleating a saree)

Repeat the same until the entire dough is done. Make sure that you cover the momos with a damp cloth unless you are steaming them immediately.


Pre-heat a pressure cooker with 2 cups of water and place a vessel filled with water.

Over this place a plate and arrange the momos

Cook on high flame for 8-10 minutes

The momos are done once they appear transparent.

Serve hot with garlic or chilli garlic sauce.





My notes:

  • You can add soy sauce, spring onions or any choice of vegetables/cottage cheese to the stuffing
  • Getting the shape right is not a cake walk. It comes through practice.
  • You can shape the Momos like samosas and steam.



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